Artists’ Rights Fees

SJAC continues its commitment to offering Artists’ Rights Fees to all exhibitors. Although not at the level of payment of a CARFAC fee, (a nationally recognized fee paid to artists who exhibit in non-commercial galleries), this has been a significant step forward in meeting the need of artists to receive some kind of compensation for allowing their work to be exhibited to the public.

Currently, our Artists’ Rights Fees schedule budgets $500 per exhibition for our largest gallery spaces on Level 2, the Port Saint John Gallery and City Gallery, and $100 per exhibition for each of our Level 3 galleries (Canada Games, Library, and Rotunda.) In a typical year, SJAC hosts between 20-30 exhibitions (some exhibits span multiple galleries) in six exhibition cycles.

The main source of funding for Artists’ Rights Fees is our annual ‘What’s in the Box?’ fundraiser, with all ticket sales and artwork donation sales from the event earmarked for this important program.

Gallery Sponsorship

Recognized as a cultural and architectural jewel in Saint John’s uptown, the Saint John Arts Centre actively seeks partnerships with individuals, organizations, and businesses to ensure full use of its resources. However, public funding for non-profit cultural activities is limited. Your Individual and Corporate sponsorship ensures the Arts Centre continues to be the welcoming, beautiful, and inspirational place it has worked so hard to become.

We have two ways to sponsor exhibitions:
1: Exhibit Sponsorship

The Saint John Arts Centre offers exhibitions six times a year in five galleries, for runs of 6-7 weeks. 

Your sponsorship options:

• Port Saint John Gallery: $500 per exhibition
• City Gallery: $500 per exhibition
• Canada Games / Hallway Gallery: $250 per exhibition
• Library Gallery: $250 per exhibition
• Rotunda Gallery: $250 per exhibition

Your sponsorship benefits:

• Your name will appear on the printed exhibition catalogue, on the Saint John Arts Centre website, in our digital newsletter, our social media, and other free media promotional resources.

2: Corporate Gallery Sponsorship

Each of the gallery spaces bear names chosen in the Carnegie Building’s distinguished history as the Aitken Bicentennial Exhibition Centre, from 1985-2001. SJAC now offers the opportunity for corporate sponsors to have galleries renamed in their honour for a term of six years (five years plus one complimentary year): 

Your sponsorship options:

• Port Saint John Gallery (current sponsorship ends 2026): $25,000 – $5,000 per year, 6th year free
• Canada Games/Hallway Gallery: $10,000 – $2,000 per year, 6th year free
• Library Gallery: $10,000 – $2,000 per year, 6th year free
• Rotunda Gallery: $10,000 – $2,000 per year, 6th year free

Your sponsorship benefits:

• A ‘dedication’ ceremony / photo opportunity
• Your name is prominently displayed on a plaque to identify the gallery space.
• Your name will appear on all gallery exhibit catalogues, on our website and in all pertinent media promotions
(e.g. in addition to the exhibits, publicity for any performing arts, literary arts or public events in the gallery space)
• One annual free rental of the gallery space for an event.

Contact SJAC’s Executive Director, Andrew Kierstead, if you’d like to explore sponsorship options: