Show Statement:

For the last twenty years I have enjoyed visiting art galleries, going to auctions, and talking with artists about their work and their careers. All the while, I’m having fun by developing my “eye” and purchasing a variety of works of art that interest me. These works are some of the highlights of my collection.

I am not a wealthy person, so my purchases reflect my budget. I budget for art every month, although I may only make one large purchase each year. I never consider purchasing art as a financial investment. Instead, I believe that art comes from an artist’s soul and contains the essence of who they are. An investment is only about money…

This exhibition is designed to encourage you to consider starting your own art collection or to build upon your existing art collection. Did you know that any purchase of art has a ripple effect that supports the artist, the art gallery, framing shop and art supply store?

During these difficult economic times your support of artists and the arts community is needed more than ever. I ask you to consider showing your support by making a purchase of art in 2014.

Featured artists are: Frank Allison, Andrea Butler, Gerard Collins, C. Everett, Alison Gayton, Suzanne Hill, John Hooper, Phillip Iverson, Herzl Kashetsky, John Pottle, Glenn Priestley, Bobby Sandler, Alan Smith, Peggy Smith, Jim Stackhouse, Dan Steeves, R. Stokes, James Wilson