Peter is a man of many and varied professions. Following high school graduation, he was inducted into the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as the youngest member to date. After five years of service he joined General Motors Acceptance Corporation as a field representative and was posted to Gander, Newfoundland where he was introduced to the profession of Air Traffic control. In 1980 after fourteen years of controlling, he went to Dalhousie University followed by the Technical University of Nova Scotia and obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering. In 1984 Peter moved to the Saint John area to work on the Canadian Patrol Frigate Program.

Peter began turning in the year 2000 and immediately became passionate about the art. His work is carried by Handworks Gallery on King Street in Saint John, Serendipin’ Art in St. Andrews and Swoon Gallery in Halifax.

He and his wife Lynn also maintain an extensive garden which includes a large Hosta collection.

Artist Statement:

Peter states that “knots and holes” hold a special attraction to him as each piece is unique with its own beauty just waiting to be discovered. Cedar, Black Cherry, Yellow and White Birch, Maple and Spruce Burls are his favorite woods and all hold a unique character hidden within. “It’s just a matter of finding it.”

No trees are harvested to make these beautiful bowls. Peter uses only fallen wood and searches for pieces with unique characteristics. The wood must be dried slowly (5-6 months) before shaping can begin. Each piece provides its own inspiration and Peter slowly begins to coax out its hidden beauty for all the world to see. After hours of careful sanding and a light touch of oil this work of art is now ready to be shared and appreciated.

He now specializes in turning larger vessels but his small pieces have lots of character, thus the name “Turnings With Character”.