Mathieu Léger is a serial artist-in-residence. His nifty BA in English Literature and Fine Art from the Université de Moncton (Canada) has enhanced his life beyond expectation. Over the past fifteen years, he has participated in over 20 artist’s residencies as well as exhibitions in far away places such as Canada, Europe, and USA. He is very involved within his artistic community in Moncton, and his studio, La Factrie, in the Centre culturel Aberdeen for over 15 years. His research investigates science/medicine, economics, architecture/design, semiotics/language, and geography/territories. He shares his time between far away places and Moncton, NB, Canada.

Artistic Statement:

Curiosity. My job is to be curious. I investigate everything. I play. I read. I construct. I interrelate science, art, and everything in between. I explore notions of causality, emptiness, cynicism/belonging, pathology, identity, memory and artifice by investigating such areas as science/medicine, economics, architecture/design, semiotics, and anthropological territories.

‘Telling’ is an exhibition that explores ideas surrounding process, data collection, extrapolation, and communication.

Artists make work that communicates ideas about what surrounds us all. I am interested in the transmissibility of this communication, of how, through associations, I can help the viewer create a narrative from both personal and collective memory. ‘Telling’ is about both revealing a story and pointing to something significant. It is about the potential of things.

The works are mainly 2D (photo, drawing, objects) interspersed with some 3D pieces. A series of 13 photographs takes up the long wall with drawings occupying one of the smaller walls. An empty space will be left for works to be added during the course of the exhibition and residency.