Artist Statement:

I decided to title this exhibition “Naynah’s Orchard”, as I did one of the paintings in the exhibition. Naynah is the affectionate name that my oldest cousin called our Grandmother when he was learning to talk and it stuck with all of us.

In my early youth, I spent many happy and informative school vacations at Naynah’s in Prince William, NB. We walked the fields and orchards around her place, peaked into old barns and, even as a senior, she still had the energy and kindness to take me on picnics in the woods and spark my imagination and interest for the things that I remember and paint today. She had a profound influence on me.

My artwork reflects the subject matter that I grew up with and feel emotional about. It is not always pretty and sometimes it is dark, moody and introspective. It always honestly portrays my feelings about my humble province of New Brunswick.

Naynah’s Orchard is not just the title of an exhibition or a painting. Naynah’s orchard reflects the abundance of thoughts, ideas and happiness that this wonderful woman, my Grandmother, left with me.


David McKay gave up his regular job as a structural designer in 1972, to pursue his love and passion, and became a full time professional artist. Since that time, he has shown his artwork in over one hundred exhibitions in galleries in Canada, the USA and Europe. He is an elected member of The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA), and presently sits on the board of the Canada Council for the Arts. McKay’s work has been shown at the Montreal Olympics, the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris, France and the National Gallery of Canada. He is included in many important collections including that of the Royal Family and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

Numerous magazine and newspaper articles as well as radio and television programs have featured McKay’s work including Bravo Television and CBC Radio; each have featured David on their national networks.

The subject matter for David McKay paintings is his native province of New Brunswick: its people, buildings and especially its landscape.