With the Government of Canada’s anti-spam legislation put into effect on July 1st, 2014, Saint John Arts Centre wants to address this important topic. Having used the Google-owned ‘Mail Chimp’ application to send our newsletter for several years prior to this initiative, SJAC’s correspondence is already compliant with these new laws, but a brief explanation might help explain what this means.

In simple terms, there are three main components to ensure compliance under these new Federal Laws:

  1. Consent from email recipients
    Our newsletter subscribers have always used clear consent methods to sign up, and Mail Chimp further assures consent with an ‘opt in’ system. New addresses entered into our ‘subscribe’ form, or added via personal request OR  a paper form/ballot box in person which SJAC staff then enter, must reply to a ‘consent’ email to be added to the database of subscribers.
  2. Clear identification of the email sender
    Under the Cupola is clearly labelled as originating from Saint John Arts Centre, and while we often share information content that involves other organizations within our own newsletter, we do not send out or ‘forward’ outside content to our subscribers.
  3. An unsubscribe mechanism
    There is a permanent ‘unsubscribe’ link in the footer at the bottom of every issue of Under the Cupola; Mail Chimp automatically processes the unsubscribe and makes a report so SJAC staff are aware.

We welcome any questions you may have; please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 506-633-4870 or emailing sjac@sjartscentre.ca

Full details from the Government of Canada are available here: