Sheri Larsen

Artist Statement

My style developed naturally over the years. I have examined closely various artists that I admire, but at the same time don’t want it getting in my way of who I am as an artist. It’s important that I tell my own story. I am not afraid to work on art and I’m very intuitive and expressionistic, it’s my personality to go against the grain. I know my work is very unique and I’m not always certain if it allows for others to relate or not. In saying that, l need to do work that means something, and appeals, to me first and foremost.

I work everything out directly on the surface I’m using and will work over top of the initial marks, so that layers develop. I don’t care for art that is too perfect or neat in appearance. This is where the abstract sensibilities enter into my work. There also needs to be a yin and yang or a push and pull. If something is too sweet or lovely, I bring in an ‘oddness’ to mess with things. I think life is that way, It’s unpredictable. There isn’t happiness without knowing sadness.

That’s where my ‘frowning faces’ entered most recently in my mixed media work, and my ink drawings as well, after my mother passed away in 2022. Allowing those faces helped me to edge back into working on my art again while trying to prepare work for this solo exhibition at the Saint John Arts Centre in May, 2024. My eldest daughter who just graduated with honors as a barber, she’s immensely stylish and also creates artwork in her down time, she said the sad faces made her smile. I think because it’s very real to not always go around with a smile on our faces, it’s more true to life.