Ron Grady

Artist Statement

The Summerkids tells the story of three siblings over a few normal days in the summer.

In the Summer of 2023, Ron Grady asked his friends Claire and Scott of Saint John and their children Merlin, Harry, and Iris if he could follow them around on a few days of the summer and film their daily lives. He was working on a short film about the summertime as experienced by children in the moments-in-between—in between the big trips, big adventures, the highlight reels. Ron was interested, instead, in seeing the marvelous and magical within the mundane. Although the film did not materialize, these photographs and stories did. In some spots, Ron tries to keep the filmic quality of the original intention, blur and movement are the norm.

In The Summerkids, Ron invites viewers, child and adult alike, to ponder what it means to be a child and to think about the ways that the moments we may be tempted to overlook might, with a renewed gaze, occupy a meaningful and even prominent place in the pantheon of summer experience. This assemblage of photographs, snippets of film, and an invitation for viewers to add their own reflections make this exhibition not only about a gaze upon a past summer, but, indeed, bring the past into the present and maybe even help you imagine what’s next.


Ron Grady (b. 1993, New Orleans), is an American multidisciplinary artist who focuses primarily on photography, illustration, and writing. He has authored and illustrated What Does Brown Mean to You? (2024) with another on the way, and is author of Honoring the Moment in Young Children’s Lives (2024). He splits his time between Kingston, New Brunswick and Cambridge, Massachusetts where he is working toward his doctorate in education at Harvard.