Ken & Alicia Robichaud

Artist Statement

Pop Culture Cubed is a collaborative project blending sculptural pieces constructed with LEGO shown alongside acrylic paintings.

This series of creations takes inspiration from various mediums across the spectrum of popular culture from movies, TV, literature, art, and more.

The overall purpose of this project is to shed light on LEGO as a legitimate medium for contemporary sculpture in a professional art setting. In addition, we hope this project helps to shed light on the fact that LEGO is more versatile than just the predesigned kits that can be purchased in stores. The only limitations of this building medium is the imagination (and sometimes engineering ability) of the builder. The essence of this medium is its impermanence; the ability to build, destroy, and build anew. Therefore, all of these sculptures are made entirely from LEGO that has not been glued or altered in any way.

The creation of these sculptures spans a time period of over 10 years, with the latest pieces being completed between 2021 and 2024 thanks to the generous support of the New Brunswick Arts Board in the form of a creation grant awarded in 2021.

The acrylic paintings included in this series are designed to highlight and complement the LEGO creations that they are featured with.

This show is dedicated to the memory of Barbara Stewart.

Artists’ Biographies

Ken and Alicia Robichaud are a husband and wife team of artists living in Saint John New Brunswick with their son Odin and four cats.

Ken’s practice is primarily three dimensional and sculptural in nature using Lego as his medium, and explores the versatility of the materials. Ken’s work draws inspiration mostly from his love of all things in popular culture. Ken has shown his work at events such as East Coast Comic Convention in Moncton NB (2014-2024) and Fundy Fan Fest in Saint John NB (2017). This is his first time showing in a professional gallery setting. Ken has received the support of the New Brunswick Arts board (ArtsNB) in the form of a Creation Grant awarded in 2021.

Alicia is a multimedia artist whose artistic time is split between photography, acrylic, and watercolour paints. She has shown her work in various exhibitions across NB such as a solo exhibit at Uncorked Market Series in Saint John (2024), a group exhibit at Sunbury Shores St Andrews (2021), and a group exhibit at the Fredericton Public Library (2019). She has also had the opportunity to have a few of her pieces shown in galleries outside of Canada: a group show, Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow Scotland (2019) and a group show at Tangent Gallery, Detroit USA (2019).

This exhibition is supported by the New Brunswick Arts Board. Cette exposition est soutenue par le Conseil des arts du Nouveau-Brunswick artsnb.