Pottery Intensive (All-Levels)

Workshop Description

We are thrilled to announce our first pottery intensive with renowned cermicist, Ralph Seely, in our brand-new ceramics studio! This all-experience-level intensive workshop is open to anyone from complete beginners to experienced potters. Each participant is guaranteed 18 hours of throwing on the wheel over the initial 3 days, guided by individualized instruction. Participants will then have a 3 hour session the following week for glazing their unique collections for a total of 21 hours of ceramics education. This will be the inaugural workshop held in our brand new ceramics studio which features triple the square footage, state of the art tools and equipment, and 6 wheels to provide ample time to hone your throwing skills!

As this workshop is open to all experience levels, participants have the option of purchasing clay from the arts centre at the time of the workshop for ($30) with the option to buy more if desired, or bring their own. If bringing your own clay, please contact SJAC before the workshop to confirm that it is safe for our kiln.

Workshop Information
Age group: 16+

Dates and Times: 3 full days on the wheel, half day for glazing

9:30am-4:30pm Tues. Aug 13 Throwing on the wheel
9:30am-4:30pm Wed. Aug 14 Throwing on the wheel
9:30am-4:30pm Thurs. Aug 15 Throwing on the wheel
1pm-4pm Wed. Aug 21 Glazing

Registration Fee: $350

Supplies Fee: On or before the first session students must purchase clay $30

Skill level: All levels

Capacity: 6 students

Seniors Discount: Seniors aged 65+ are eligible for a 20% discount on all adult workshops; enter coupon code SENIOR65 at checkout.

About your Instructor

Ralph Seely, a graduate of the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design, is a professional potter who focuses on creating functional pottery intended for everyday use. His highly sought after ceramics are sold throughout North America. Ralph’s work is inspired by the natural surroundings where he lives; the powerful ocean, flowing rivers and the changing colours that paint the landscape of Southern New Brunswick. His goal is to bring each piece to life its own unique way.

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