Patricia Tingley

Rearrangements  |  Library Gallery  |  January 12 – March 8, 2024

“Nature is loved by
what is best in us.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Without doubt, finding beauty in nature is a universal experience. 

In creating these paintings, I have discovered the beauty in its remaining fragments: the sinuous curve of the stem of a fallen leaf, the dramatic swoop of a frond of dried seaweed, the elaborate filigree of sun-bleached lichen found on the forest floor. 

There is a certain choreography involved in rearranging these collected remains, an opportunity to celebrate the small details in the often unnoticed beauty that surrounds us. 

This collection of work attempts to highlight the mystery of the overlooked, by quietly suspending these rearrangements in a weightless moment in time.

– Patricia Tingley

Artist’s Biography

Patricia Tingley is a New Brunswick artist based in Saint John. 

She studied Fine Arts at Mount Allison University and the New School of Art in Toronto.  

Her work has included illustration and design, and her paintings have been exhibited at the Saint John Arts Centre, the Imperial Theatre, UNB’s Lorenzo Society, and Hooper Studios. 

Currently, she is primarily working with graphite and water-based mediums, often creating painted rice paper collage as a starting point for each piece. Her work is primarily inspired by nature in its various stages and the challenge to discover new life in the inanimate.