Super-vision: Painters Mentored by Herzl Kashetsky |  Upstairs Galleries  |  September 8 – October 27, 2023

Under the watchful supervision of artist Herzl Kashetsky, two groups meet once a week to paint, receive guidance and share their love of painting. There is no specific curriculum, and each person is encouraged along their own personal path of development. All are engaged & self-motivated in an atmosphere of camaraderie. The teacher’s assistance is more tutorial than instructional. “I think of myself as a pair of eyeglasses for everyone, fine-tuning their vision as they paint,” says Kashetsky. 

The medium and the subject is of their own choice, and each brings their own level of experience to the table in hopes of leaving with their painting a step closer to completion than when they arrived. Feedback on the artwork is important to help develop a critical eye, move forward and continue to refine one’s choices and technical skill. Each member brings their own particular insight to the class. 

Sometimes we bring the familiar to the canvas and sometimes the familiar is seen in an unfamiliar way. Our perception can look outward at the world, or be turned inward to bring out that which was unseen but made visible through the form and expression of art. 

The transformation of an artists’ vision into paint on canvas is magical, starting with a blank canvas and ending with an image that has grown out of inspiration, creativity and hard work. 

The world we interact with is seen and felt by all our senses, filtered through our eyes, our minds and hearts, then given expression on the canvas.

We are happy to have the opportunity to share this vision, this joy and pleasure with you, and hope you enjoy the variety of paintings this exhibition exhibition has
to offer.

Herzl Kashetsky

Congratulations to the featured artists: Ann Barrett, Marianne Beckwith, Cathy Belyea, Travis Carr, Harold Cassidy, Mary Craft, Joy Crosby, Sheryl Crowley, Ron Curtis, Patti Daley, Sharon D’Arcy, Bill Duncan, Betty Henry, Jan Hunt, Robert Johnson, Gordon Lamb, Mary LeBlanc, Margot Maber, Georgina McFate, Andy McIntosh, David Meek, Nadine Moreau, Lana Mott, Mozhgan Riahi, Cheryl Robichaud, Melinda Sheehan, Debbie Trecartin, Lynn Van Tassel, Roy Walker, Susan Wall.