The Morning Club

The Morning Club: Students of Fred Harrison  |  Canada Games Gallery  |  July 7 – September 1, 2023

When our group needed a new location to continue meeting, Andrew Keirstead offered to host us at the Arts Centre. It has proven to be a most inspiring experience. Not only do we have a home, but the constant influence of changing exhibitions has broadened our horizons for our own work. And now, this opportunity to display our accomplishments publicly crowns the experience. Our thanks to the Arts Centre.

The exhibiting Morning Club members are: Cathy Belyea; David Brown; Nancy Clifford; Patti Daley; Gloria Davidson; Linda Dodge; Cheryl Gass; Bridgette Gionet; Patricia Gionet; Janet Hunt; Margo Maber; Jennifer MacKenzie; Ada Onuora; Cheryl Robichaud; Melinda Sheehan; Mary Lou Thompson; Susan Wall; Elaine Wilson.

Photo: Fred, centre back row, with some of the artists.