Wayne d’Entremont

Sea Eternal  |  Port Saint John Gallery  |  May 5 – June 30, 2023

Wayne d’Entremont and his wife Francine live in Lower West Pubnico, Nova Scotia, a largely Acadian community that includes their family and many friends. Wayne has been fishing the north Atlantic for half a century and photographing it in all months and weather conditions for many years.

Many people are familiar with the sea, but few actually perceive its moods with the clarity that Wayne does and no other photographer I know, certainly in Atlantic Canada, expresses these moods visually with such depth of feeling. Although Wayne’s images cannot be broadly compared with the creations of any painter, his handling of light and atmosphere is frequently reminiscent of William Turner and his use of optical texture brings some of Jackson Pollock’s most monochromatic works to mind.

These 26 photographs represent a large collection of remarkable work. I believe that a magnificent exhibition can be assembled from Wayne’s material.