Kevin Goggan

Time Machine  |  Port Saint John Gallery  |  January 13 – March 10, 2023


Kevin was born in Saint John. He trained as a designer in the 1980’s, when art was a part of the curriculum, particularly drawing. He then worked most of his career on computer, and only in 2014 started to draw and paint again. He works in all mediums and his technique ranges from controlled and precise to quick and expressive.

Artist Statement

We all live in two cities; the city of now, and the city of our past. We round a corner and see not just what is there now but what was there when something or someone we cared about was present. For me, Saint John is a Time Machine, resonating with our memories, both recent and generations past.

Thank you to Brenda McDermott for giving access to many of her images.

A special thank you to the Saint John Arts Centre for this opportunity. It is my first show. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. 

Thank you to our gallery sponsor, Port Saint John.