Emily Phillips

Into the Fundy Forest / Port Saint John Gallery / May 6 – June 30, 2022

Artist Statement

My artistic inspiration comes from nature’s ability to affect the spirit. The beauty, drama, and diversity of the lands of New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy region move me to capture my feelings and sensations in paint. When hiking, I am highly sensitive to the shifting of light, interaction of colours, arrangement of shapes, and variety of textures, particularly as these elements relate to the architecture of the forest. I continue to experiment with new ways to represent this depth of experience as my artistic practice evolves, manipulating style, media and other art and design elements. Through my paintings, I aim to evoke in my audiences the same attachments I feel to these places, along with an appreciation for their intrinsic value.


Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1990, Emily Phillips is an emerging landscape painter. Soon after moving to New Brunswick in 2010, she developed a strong connection to the landscapes of the Fundy region and has built an artistic practice based on this inspiration. Not only is she inspired aesthetically by the landscapes she paints, but she has also studied them academically; Emily holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a M.Sc. in Environmental Science from Mount Allison University.

Primarily painting in oils, her training is the result of a decade of self-directed exploration, lessons with Maryland plein air painter Judith Fulmer, and elective and extracurricular art courses taken throughout her education.