Fred Harrison

a very brief history of travels near and far…
through life & time with my brother Dave

Canada Games Gallery  |  January 14 – March 11, 2022

Artist Statement

My brother Dave moved here from Saskatchewan a year after me. We have spent much time together hiking and travelling and have become best friends as neighbours in Portage Vale. 

I love landscape and often find renewal when tramping through woods and along waterways. These places inspire me to paint. Awareness of the beauty and fragility of the world are good reasons, but my personal emotional response and my need to communicate cause me to paint. A work starts as a record and often leads to surprising results. I hope you enjoy these images. 

Artist Biography

For the last forty years my main income has been from mural painting in various locations across this country. Now, I do one or two a year in New Brunswick,where I have settled these past sixteen years. I have been embraced by fellow artists and citizens of this beautiful province and am truly grateful for the opportunities I have been granted. I focus now mainly on my own painting.

Works for Sale