Stephen Scott

“The Saint John Arts Centre has long been recognized as an organization which is dedicated to supporting New Brunswick artists by offering quality gallery space promoting contemporary exhibitions. 

Fredericton artist Stephen Scott’s exhibition “The (un)certainty of Seeing; the Paintings of Stephen Scott” marks a reflective moment in the production of work which has taken place over almost a decade. During our discussions Scott has indicated that he has felt the need to find consolidation to the varied manner of his creative expression, and he has felt that the Art Centre would provide an appropriate venue for the exhibition of these works. The works in this series displays his mastery of technique while showing insight into and capturing the independent and singular nature of his subjects.

His paintings, consciously crafted, also reference psychological forces at work, with entwining those of the artist himself with the symbolism embedded in his painting style. The title of this exhibition, “The (un)certainty of Seeing; the Paintings of Stephen Scott” seems in some way to call attention to his journey through art and art making.

Stephen Scott has always impressed me as an uncompromising artist who is dedicated to his lifelong passion of creating art through careful study and observation, preparation, and the investment in the many hours necessary for the creation of his vision.”  

Andrew Kierstead
Executive Director
Saint John Arts Centre

This first solo exhibition of my work since 2015 explores thematic material employing the human figure. The paintings focus on a small number of individuals who have shared in the intimate creation of works produced in the period between 2012 and 2021.

My primary inspiration has remained quite close to home, and my wife Sophie has served as muse and subject in many of the works. The paintings, although figurative, exist not as portrait descriptions, but as vehicles for exploration of the human experience in a variety of contexts.

Many of the works are available for sale. You can contact me directly at, or Gallery 78 at for information.

Follow this link to my website for more on this body of work:

A catalogue will be produced for this exhibition, and will be available through my website as well as the Arts Centre.