Updated COVID-19 Policies

SJAC updated COVID-19 policies as of Aug. 1, 2021

All of us here at SJAC would like to thank the community of Greater Saint John for your support and kind cooperation through the challenges of the last 16 months. We are confident we can count on your continued help in the transitional phases to come.

As the province of New Brunswick transitions into ‘Green’, SJAC’s policies will adapt – and no doubt be subject to ongoing change – as we ease into this new stage of the pandemic.

Here is a guide on how our policies will be updated on August 1st and what will stay the same for the time being:

  • Stay home if you have symptoms: You’ll continue to see our familiar passive screening signage at entrances, and are reminded to stay home if you have symptoms and wait until you are fully recovered before you visit (and are encouraged to get tested.)
  • Traffic flow & social distancing: With our large gallery spaces, it’s easy to maintain social distance! We encourage guests to give each other plenty of space as they move throughout the building and especially around entrances/exits.
  • Hygiene: We’ll maintain our heightened Covid cleaning protocols, and have plenty of hand sanitizing stations available. Signage demonstrating proper hand washing technique will remain in our facilities, and folks are reminded to follow respiratory hygiene practices like sneezing into your elbow.
  • Contact tracing: Contract tracing is no longer required for general gallery visits. For some events, such as our Summer Classics Series, we will still require pre-registration as we have been doing.
  • Community face masks: Our mask policies will be assessed on an ongoing basis as we adapt to this new phase.
    • General visits: Visitors to the galleries are encouraged to continue to wear face masks – we are happy to provide you with a disposable mask.
    • Workshops: Due to the length of time folks are in the same space together, SJAC is maintaining a mandatory mask-wearing policy during workshops for the time being.

SJAC is committed to fostering a non-discriminatory atmosphere where our guests feel comfortable and welcome to wear a mask and keep their distance, and hope that all our visitors will continue to support & respect our policies and each other’s personal comfort levels as we ease into this transitional period together.

Please don’t hesitate to let our staff know if we can be of assistance!

The public is welcome to read our full COVID-19 Operational Plan here / Appendices (floorplan, signage, cleaning checklists) here.