NBCCD Foundation Visual Arts at SJAC

SJAC is thrilled to partner with the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design as the Saint John location for the College’s Foundation Visual Arts program.

This 1-year certificate program offers a wide-ranging overview of the practice, theory and history of the visual arts and is achieved over two semesters. A solid technical grounding and an understanding of the conceptual framework of visual art is learned through a hands-on project-based curriculum. The inaugural year, with a cohort of 15 students, and the current year, with a cohort of 9 students (to accommodate social distancing) have been reviewed as a resounding success by NBCCD, local staff, and students alike. SJAC’s existing studio spaces (and modifications to tailor the Tompkins Studio Hall to lecture theatre needs) have proven very successful, bringing a space for quality post-secondary visual arts education to Saint John-based students.  

In Foundation Visual Arts, you will:

  • Fine-tune your creativity with a preparatory program that teaches drawing, colour study, creative process, art history, design, and writing for designers and makers.
  • Develop dexterity and visual problem solving with hands-on, project-based curriculum.
  • Document your work and prepare your professional portfolio – a must-have for artists and designers when applying for grants, scholarships and further study.
  • Virtually explore a selection of our studios to help determine your direction for the future.
  • Use your foundational skills to excel in any of our specialized Diploma programs in the following year.

1 Year | 2 Semesters | September-April

Foundation Visual Arts is offered in Fredericton, at the College, and in Saint John at the Saint John Arts Centre. You’ll find both options in the online application.

Interested in finding out more?
Check out NBCCD’s website: https://nbccd.ca/programs/foundation/
Contact: The Registrar’s Office, toll free, 1-877-400-1107 or email nbccdrecruiting@gnb.ca