NBCCD instructors: I Am Making Art

“I am Making Art” refers to a video created in 1971 by the American conceptual artist John Baldessari. With John’s passing earlier this year, we have framed our studio show for 2020 around the premise that he will be remembered for his assertion that the making of art is subjective, and is defined by the artist.

Our students at NBCCD acquire drawing and drafting skills, and we foster creative problem solving and an awareness of drawing as defined in the context of contemporary visual culture. The richness of studio practice at NBCCD is the perfect laboratory for thinking about transdisciplinary approaches to art making. The act of drawing is almost always present in some manner.

Featuring works by:

Janice Wright Cheney

Greg Charlton

Maggie Higgins

Drew Kennickell

Marcus Kingston

Jared Peters

Jean Rooney

Lydia Stewart

Christina Thomson

Matt Watkins

Jennifer Lee Wiebe