Get your copy at SJAC!

SJAC is thrilled to be the very first seller of James Wilson’s new book, ‘Social Studies’ – we have 50 copies, fresh off the presses! This long-awaited volume is the culmination of 30 years of capturing the faces of our community.

Proceeds from copies sold here are being generously donated to support SJAC’s programs!

‘Social Studies’ the exhibition is now showing in our Port Saint John and City Galleries through to July 3rd, not to be missed.

From publisher, Goose Lane Editions:

There’s something strange, interesting, unsettling yet wonderfully compelling about these portraits, which reveal perhaps more than they should.

“The same stage, but different actors,” explains Wilson. “There is something interesting to me about separating people from their environment, about keeping the focus on the individual.”

James Wilson’s studio portraits capture subjects from all walks of life. They document soldiers and street people, builders and bakers, artists and labourers. There is an intimate intensity in his photographs, which together form a timeless collage of life and faces from the early twenty-first century.

Wilson’s portraits are also the product of a purposeful gaze, distinctive observations in black-and-white. All window-lit, all photographed in his studio, all with the same black background, these photographic portraits open a door into the worlds and at times the unguarded emotions of the individual subjects.

James Wilson: Social Studies • 176 pages • Hardcover • $40

Click here to purchase your copy online – pick up during gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-5pm