Get ‘Harbour: A Compendium’ at SJAC

SJAC is proud to be a vendor for the book ‘Harbour: A Compendium’ – edited and published by Amy Ash, this publication accompanies the incredible group exhibition hosted here at SJAC and at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in 2019.

From the foreword by Kate Wallace:

“In Harbour, a group exhibition curated by Amy Ash that opened in spring of 2019, the title sets the stage for a deep, dynamic and diverse interpretation of harbours and harbouring. Aptly, the exhibition is still flowing, in a sense, in this publication.

Not a catalogue so much as a compendium, it’s a second-wave response to Harbour. Contributions by 22 creators working in a variety of literary and visual modes are organized around a trifecta of overarching categories that emerged from the show: ecologies, safety, and migration.”

Harbour: A Compendium • 144 pages, softcover • $20

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