Art at Home: Lesson 4

Creating Balance: Art Inspired by Minnie Evans

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“Minnie Jones Evans was born in 1892, but didn’t begin her art career until 43 years later. Despite her love of history, and mythology, Minnie was forced to leave school in the sixth grade to help save money for her family. During the following years, Minnie had vivid dreams of mythical in brightly colored landscapes that she began to draw. Her drawings and painting were originally given only to friends or those that requested her artwork. However as others began to take notice, her work was exhibited in galleries up and down the east coast. Minnie continued to draw until her death at the age of 95.” 



  • Construction paper or colour paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Pastels or crayons
  • Pencil
  • Black pen

Step 1: Take some time to look at Minnie’s work and get inspired!

Step 2: Lay out your white paper and choose which colours of paper you will use. 

Step 3: Fold your paper in half twice. Experiment with more or less, the best way to learn is to do!

Step 4: Repeat step 3 in by cutting paper into different sizes and shapes. You can plan out your shapes with pencil first or try free-form cutting.

Step 5: Add colour with crayons.

Step 6: Add symbols and details with pen.

All done!