Art at Home: Watercolour Monsters!

Watercolour Monsters!



Download the lesson plan


  • Watercolour paper 
  • Watercolour paint (coffee, tea and fruit juices can be fun to experiment with as well!)
  • Straw
  • Container with water
  • Brush
  • Paper towel
  • Black pen and a pencil

Before you begin:

Prepare your workspace by laying down a plastic tablecloth or old newspapers and have a sink nearby for easy cleanup.

Step 1: Apply a small puddle of paint &  water

Get your brush wet first and then dip into the watercolour paint, moving in smooth circular motions to ensure you are picking up enough colour. Tap the tip of the brush on the page to release a puddle of the colour.

Step 2: Use your straw to blow the watercolour into interesting shapes. 

Holding your straw almost parallel to your puddle of colour, blow the paint outwards. Try changing directions and force to see what kind of interesting shapes emerge! Remember to breathe in between each exhale!

Step 3: Let it dry! This may take some time so, use this opportunity to start another one or take a break and have a snack!

Step 4: Imagine your creatures and plan with a pencil. Remember, there are no wrong answers! Your monsters can have as many eyes, limbs, tentacles, horns, teeth, or tails as you wish! 

Step 5: Use black pen to illustrate your page!

Once you have your creatures planned out, I like to outline the splatters in black and then go over all the features and details in pen as well. Remember you can always add a fun background. Try to imagine:  What are they doing? Where do they live? What’s happening around them?