Cathy Love

Through My Heart

Cathy has always felt blessed to live in New Brunswick surrounded by the incredible natural beauty found here.  Living for the first ten years of her life in St. Martins, the beaches of the Bay of Fundy became her playground and she continues to be drawn there for inspiration.  When outdoors with her camera the excitement of the beauty around her brings a happiness that her career in the corporate world never provided.

Self taught and open to receive the gifts that nature is revealing brings a fresh and intimate look to her artistry.  Her wish is that when you see her photos you will become engaged and look deep within them to find what’s waiting there.

Let yourself be open to the whispers of spirit in your day, and the joyous experience of life will begin to embrace you as it has for Cathy.  She wishes to thank-you for this opportunity to share what her eyes see and her heart feels.