Shared Energies Residency

SJAC is thrilled to welcome back Maria Doering for a summer artist residency, this time joined by her collaborator Fiona Chinkan! Visit Fiona and Maria during open studio time (July 18th until August 9th, Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm) to see their amazing body of work – here’s more information from the artists:

Our next upcoming residency!

Maria Doering and Fiona Chinkan work on a drawingWe are thrilled to travel to Saint John this summer and work in the Percival room at the Saint John Arts Centre in Saint John, NB, Canada. We will be there from July 18th until August 9th. If you are in the area please stop in to visit us Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm to see our progress on a set of four new large drawings.

Welcome to the Shared Energies Project

“Shared Energies: Cells, Stars and the Fluidity Between” is a collaborative project between New York City (USA) based artist Fiona Chinkan and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Canada) based artist Maria Doering.

Why ‘Shared Energies’?

We chose the title “Shared Energies” because of the exchange of the visual language and creative energy that happens between the two of us when we are drawing on the same piece of paper. On a conceptual level, the project is a merging of two ideas. The first being, “Outer Space” (the cosmos) and the second being, “Inner Space” (within the human body). Ultimately, this work is about creating and becoming something much bigger than our own individual work, which can only exist with both our input.