Artist Residency Opportunity

SJAC is proud to be part of the upcoming Cross-Cultural Creation Residency!

The Acadian Association of Professional Artists of New Brunswick (AAAPNB), ArtsLink, and Mawi’art are teaming up to create a cross-cultural residency between an Acadian artist, an Anglophone artist, and an Indigenous artist. The residency will be in three stages, one week in each of the following communities: Caraquet, Saint John, and the Metepenagiag First Nation. Through this residency, artists will have the opportunity to create new work while immersing themselves in the artistic process of fellow artists. The experience of being in another community and creating with people of different artistic backgrounds allows one to go beyond language barriers and discover different cultural environments. Recognizing current debates surrounding cultural and language tensions in New Brunswick, this initiative demonstrates that it is possible to grow by combining strengths rather than advocating division. Art in itself is a means of expression and cohesion and makes it possible to break down the boundaries that all too often isolate us.

Objectives of the Residency

  • To encourage the artistic exploration and the production of new works by providing space and time
  • To contribute to increasing the artistic quality of the work
  • To favour the collaboration and the sharing of expertise and experiences
  • To create significant cultural bridges of different cultural communities in the province.
  • To provoke encounters between artists and the public and to help raise awareness of the creative process.

Nature of the Residency

An Acadian artist, an Anglophone artist, and an Indigenous artist will have the opportunity to spend a week at the Saint John Arts Centre, a week in La boîte théâtre de Caraquet, and a week at the Metepenagiag Heritage Park to work on individual creation projects.

The three centers have dynamic facilities allowing artists space to work regardless of the artistic discipline they perform, as well as stimulating and enriching encounters between them in the three communities.

Artists will present their work in progress at the end of each week. Artists will have full creative freedom but will be asked to host an open studio day to allow the communities the opportunity to engage with the artists and their process.