Kyla Chung

The Study of Saint John

Artist Statement

Having grown up in South Korea with modern architecture, I find myself absolutely intrigued by the rich heritage buildings in Saint John. I have a great appreciation for the fine craftsmanship that went into rebuilding the city after the Great Fire of 1877.

It is amazing how well preserved some of these buildings are. Many of them serve as homes, offices and retail stores today. I am attempting to capture and celebrate Saint John’s past and present during this time of growth and development in the uptown area.

I am fascinated with how old and new comes together so well in Saint John. There is something special about the modern technology of LED lights and neon signs being strung across classical windows that date back to the late 19th century. I am also curious about what Saint John would look like today, had the Great Fire of 1877 never happened. I am currently researching what Saint John had looked like before the fire and look forward to painting scenes that depict buildings that were destroyed. I believe in celebrating Saint John’s history by artistically capturing scenes from the past.


Kyla Chung was born in South Korea but has been a proud Canadian for the past 12 years. Kyla graduated from the Ontario College of Arts and Design University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2017 where she was received the Fredrick Hagan “Passion in Paint” award at the 102nd Annual Graduation Exhibition.

As a local Saint John Artist, Kyla has enjoyed participating in local art projects. Most recently Kyla was one of many local artists who painted old windows from the Saint John City Market to be auctioned off as a fundraiser in support of P.R.O. Kids. Kyla chose to paint a beautiful scene depicting heritage buildings in the uptown area of Saint John.

Kyla is pleased to be represented by Trinity Galleries in Saint John as a visual artist and is happy to be their Artist-in-Residence. Kyla’s current and past works of art can be viewed on her website Commissioned works are welcomed.