Karen Knight and Helen Stanley

Shop Talk

Artists’ Statement

Two artists meet over tea in handmade pottery mugs, of course, for a never-long-enough conversation about life with clay. For fifteen years these two friends have shared their passion for creating in the same medium while expressing that passion in contrasting ways. A second cup is filled to celebrate a brilliant success, a shoulder is offered to help bear the burden of frustration and loss, and the day-to-day “what’s working and what’s not” is always on the table. The teapot is empty.  There’s still so much to talk about! … Next time!

Karen Knight – Biography

Karen Knight is an Artist Potter, juried member Craft NB, and business owner of “Soul Impression Handbuilt Claywork and Fine Sculpture,” located at 1509 Rothesay Road, Saint John.

Karen studied Fine Art in the late 1980’s and taught handbuilding classes for 7 years for the City of Guelph before returning home. Her dynamic style of clay work employs traditional handbuilding techniques – pinch, coil and slab – yet elaborates on these in new and striking ways.  Karen’s work includes one-of-a-kind art bowls and platters, salsa dishes, fused seaglass jewelry, low tide art pieces, and powerful renderings of the human form.  It is precisely this versatility of clay as an artistic medium that is the source of Karen’s real joy in working with it.

She continues to pursue her love of teaching through her annual handbuilding class offered at the SJAC as well as her participation in the Artist-in-Residency and ArtsSmart Programs. Karen has participated locally in six exhibitions and is represented by the Buckland Merrifield Gallery.

Helen Stanley – Biography

“I have been working with clay for more than forty years now. Starting with a dedicated art teacher in high school, I went on to college with an emphasis on ceramics and then began making and selling my work. When we were young and having kids we moved often and my husband and I had a joint pottery and glass studio in P.E.I. in the 80’s. Some of those years were filled with raising kids and helping in the glass studio, but it’s all grist for the mill.  I’ve had a studio here in Seeleys Cove full time since 1993.

I’m a member of NB Crafts and have participated in their gallery shows and craft markets over the years, as well as exhibiting at the Saint John Art Centre a few times in group shows. I’ve also had work at Sunbury Shores from time to time.

I teach at my studio and at the SJAC and sell pottery through a few select shops and galleries mostly in New Brunswick.”