J. Gordon Anderson

Where I Live

Artist’s Statement

Familiarity can blind us to the beauty around us. After decades living in one area it is easy to take for granted; even in a place like Saint John with an abundance of interesting geography and architecture. I become much more aware when I pick up a camera and go for a walk. I can be filled with wonder at the success of wild flowers in an urban environment, or the mysteries hidden in our iconic fog. It’s fun to find a visual puzzle. I can be thrilled by an unexpected reflection, the light of a sunrise, or the power of a winter storm. These pictures are an attempt to share that wonder and thrill with you.


I have lived since birth in Saint John, and attended Saint John High School 1960-64. It was here that I began my lifelong love of photography. I bought a camera for a biology project, took pictures of the drama productions and for the yearbook. I built a darkroom in my grandmother’s basement. With Ian MacEachern, I photographed Rothesay Playhouse productions every week of their summer theatre season. The playhouse used the photos on their posters, and the actors, local and  from New York, used them in their portfolios. I have been making photographs ever since.

Photography has always been most satisfying for me when I can take the process from capture to print, from start to finish. The loss of my darkroom did dampen my enthusiasm for a while, but photography remained an important hobby.

I bought my first digital camera in 2001. The digital revolution meant I could forgo basement darkrooms and smelly chemicals, and bring the processing to my desktop computer – no late night cleanup. These changes sparked a revival in my photographic activity and I had my first 21st century show of digital photographs at Klausen’s gallery in April 2002. Raising a family, working, and building a business takes time and focus. After retiring in 2014, I found that I was able to spend more time and energy in photography.