Cynthia DeCoste

Landscape Interactions

Artist’s Statement

I love playing with colour and shapes, I love experimenting with perspectives and horizon lines. For me the fun of creating a painting is “playing” with the landscape.
I paint the landscape as I see it, the sky, the ground and the water are constantly moving and always changing, forever interacting and playing with each other. I am fascinated with this interaction and how we are allowed to live within it.

My new paintings attempt to record this playful interaction as I see it. I hope that those who view my paintings will also see the relationship between the waves and the wind, the trees and the structures of our east coast landscape.


Originally from Ontario, I graduated from the Visual Arts program at the University of Western Ontario. After graduation, I began my teaching career by day and artistic career by night. I soon found the demands of classroom teaching and city living were interfering with my passion to create and my imaginative way of seeing things was slipping away. It was about this time that I met my then husband and moved from the big city in Ontario to a small town in Northern New Brunswick. Living in a smaller community I appreciate the slower pace and greater freedoms that are not offered in a larger city. With the change in lifestyle my passion to create returned, I picked up a paintbrush and discovered a whole new world! My most recent work shows everyday scenes emphasized or exaggerated by colours and simplified shapes.

I have recently completed my Master’s degree in Art Education and currently teach Visual Art at Bathurst High School in Bathurst, New Brunswick. In the evenings and weekends, when I am not teaching or exploring the coastline, I retreat to my home studio where I spend my time painting.