Bruce Gray


Artist’s Statement

This show will challenge your perception and definition of “imperfections”. Are imperfections rare or common, negative or positive, to be covered up or embraced and embellished? I find natural objects like trees, stone and people grow richer with age. They have more bumps and scars which, to me, makes them more interesting and precious.

I have also blended wood, glass and stone into commentaries on humanity- some dark and serious, others lighthearted. These art works double as practical furniture.

The recurring themes in my designs are deceptive simplicity, elegance and naturalness. Designs that use exquisite materials, maximizing their strong visual assets of natural edge, surface texture and negative space.


Bruce Gray is a highly respected visual artist who has devoted more than a quarter century fully to art.

Bruce works with unique local and exotic woods incorporating glass and stone. His art spans furniture, sculpture, wall murals and architectural elements such as entrance doors. His current work is lithography-etching photo-based images in historic glass and stone, drawing and photography.

He received a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees from CSU and a Masters in Engineering from the University of Washington.

His work has been commissioned for international, provincial, municipal, university, corporate and private collections.

He has exhibited solo shows and juried exhibitions in the Maritimes, Toronto and New York City. His designs and research findings have been published in leading design, and arts magazines. He has been featured in several TV documentaries.

He routinely lectures, conducts workshops and juries, for art organizations both Provincial and Municipal. He has also taught courses and lectured at Art College and Universities.

Bruce resides on the shore of Belleisle Bay in Kars, New Brunswick.