The Saint John Arts Centre is proud to feature the instructors who have taught our Portfolio Development and the Saint John High School International Baccalaureate Arts programs over the last five years.

Through partnership with Saint John High dating back to 2003 and thanks to generous funding for our Portfolio Development program by the James Venner Russell Foundation, we have featured the works of the students in annual exhibitions and thought the public would welcome the opportunity to also see the works of the instructors for these two programs. They are all professional artists who have a passion for the visual arts and for sharing their knowledge with students.

Being an artist and a teacher requires passion and dedication. Saint John Arts Centre would like to thank them for helping shape these future artists.

Featuring works by:

Darren Byers Noel Chenier Alison Gayton Sara Griffin Glenn Hall Fred Harrison Jeanine Hartman Suzanne Hill Herzl Kashetsky Jorgen Klausen John Pottle Robert Van de Peer Peggy Woolsey-Rivera Amber Young