The Treasure Project

Artist’s Statement

It seems to me that life is an entanglement of stories, all intertwined and joined to make a grand creation. We make a story each day and during the process incorporate objects into the fabric of our narrative. Each object has a story, and as we move on we leave these objects as historical footprints in the snow, vague leftovers on the path of our progress through life.

Many objects have made their way to me from generations before me; furniture, silver, teapots, plates, glass – I think of them collectively as treasure because of the wealth of stories associated with them that link me with the people before me. We all have objects that mark us in a similar way.

Every time an artist makes a piece a story is being told. For this show I chose to tell my story with words and images. The text beside the drawing is an extension of the drawn object, a creative collaboration of fact and fiction and together the drawing and the text combine to make one piece.

Artist’s Biography

Hallie Watson spends ten months of the year in Halifax and two months on a farm in Ontario. She makes landscapes and still life with oil pastel on paper and oil on canvas. Her practice also includes regular life drawing.

Prints Available to Purchase

Giclee Fine Art prints of the works are available for sale. Signed and small edition prints use water based inks on 100% cotton rag paper. Small, 13.75” x 19.5” are $400 unframed and $650 framed. Large, 19.5” x 27.75” are $650 unframed and $900 framed.