Artist Statement

The series “Sirens” visually explores the etymology of the word, which denotes an alarming and hypnotic sound or a prophetic creature of both sea and sky. In keeping with the concept of siren as a sound, each work has a contemporary musical counterpart including Jordon Nobles’ “Circle of Fifths,” Anthony Genge’s “Motion” and the compositions of Andrew Reed Miller. In Greek mythology, sirens were feminine fish-like or bird-like creatures, who were accused of luring sailors to their doom through their trance-inducing voice. As such, much of the imagery within the works seek to create a hypnotic space that is simultaneously sea and sky with iconic water drops shapeshifting from scales, coral, feathers and spiraling clouds.  The works also reference the Russian concept of the Sirins who were revered as presenting either a positive or negative prophecy within their celestial voices. In this vein, each work references our natural sirens that surround us; foretelling themes of death, such as coral bleaching, or rebirth and regrowth of natural forms. The works invite the viewer to enter into a trance-like state to listen and contemplate the unique messages they receive.

Artist Biography

Deanna Musgrave is a Saint John, New Brunswick, Canadian artist who is best known for her monumental paintings such as the mural “Cloud” which is installed permanently at the Hans Klohn Commons, University of Saint John, New Brunswick which measures 10’ high and 56’ long or “Nest” which covers the entire pedway between Saint John City Hall and the entryway into Market Square.

Her career took off in 2007 when she was selected by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery for its Studio Watch exhibition aimed at introducing promising new artists to the public. She has had exhibitions of her work every year since this award. Her work has been enthusiastically reviewed by the New Brunswick media, and she has won numerous grants and awards from the New Brunswick Arts Board, Mount Allison University and the University of New Brunswick. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University and a Bachelor of Education from the University of New Brunswick.

Check out Deanna Musgrave’s recent interview with CBC Radio discussing ‘Sirens’: