B&W Monotype

Artist and printmaker Maria Doering will give you a glimpse into the endless experimental
possibilities of Monotype printmaking. Students will manipulate non-toxic Akua Printmaking ink
on a Plexiglas plate combining it with found materials and mark-making through the use of
various materials including cotton swabs, toothpicks, brushes and pencils. You are welcome to
bring flat found materials like fabric scraps, yarn, cut paper, and plant foliage to experiment
with, or you can use the materials provided. Please bring a sketchbook or notebook for taking
notes and an old t-shirt or apron as printmaking can be as messy as it is fun. This workshop
would be perfect taken on its own or for a richer experience take it in combination with the
Colour Monotype workshop the next evening.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 6:30 – 9:30pm • Cost: $50 • All printmaking supplies included.

Student material list:

-sketchbook or notebook
-pen or pencil
-apron or old t-shirt
-flat found materials (fabric scraps, foils, paper cut outs, plant foliage, yarn, etc.. )

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