My Wanderings

Peter was born in Grand Falls, Newfoundland on April 27, 1945. Peter attended the University of New Brunswick, where he graduated in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry (Silviculture major.)

Peter started his career in reforestation research and planning, nursery design, forest seed technology and forest silviculture research. The young Etheridge family moved several times, initially to Saskatchewan, and then to Alberta. In 1979, the Etheridges moved a final time to Sussex, New Brunswick. Peter consulted in his field internationally, which took him to Thailand, Sweden, and Cameroon. In the later years of his career, Peter was proud to direct the establishment of the UNESCO Biosphere on the Upper Bay of Fundy.

Peter had many interests and hobbies throughout his life, but his unparalleled love of and interest in nature was steadfast.

Inspired by the naturally beautiful landscapes of New Brunswick, Peter began his artwork in the 1980s. It is of note that Peter’s painting skill was entirely self-taught, through reading art books and, no doubt, trial and error.

His family not-so-fondly remembers his frequent wanderings, when he would take photos of old barns, family homesteads, landscape vistas and other things which seemed unimportant to all but him, but were later inspiring on canvas. His penchant for wandering off in nature is lain bare in his artwork. Peter mostly used watercolours, although he also painted in oil, acrylic, and pastel.

Over the years, Peter was very reticent to show his artwork; following his death in September 2016, his wife and four children were encouraged to do so.

The Family is very thankful to Andrew Kierstead and the Saint John Arts Centre
for allowing the general public to share in Peter’s vision for the natural beauty of New Brunswick.