Saint John Arts Centre is very grateful to the generous donor artists who contributed to our  annual ‘What’s in the Box?’ fundraiser, featured here in this special exhibit in partnership with the City of Saint John Gallery, a program of the City of Saint John’s Cultural Affairs Office.

This important benefit event aids SJAC in delivering our programs, especially the Artist Rights Fees program, to pay the artists who share their works in our galleries all year. Thank you to: Alison Gayton, Andrew Giffin, Bob Morouney, Bruce Gray, Carla Perkins, Carol Taylor, Catherine Constable, Chris Lowe, Dan Xu, Darren Byers, Darren Emenau, Deborah Payne, Fabiola Martinez, Fred Harrison, Glenn Hall, Helen Stanley, Herzl Kashetsky, Heasun Kim, Holly McKay, Irene Sutton, James Wilson, Joanna Pottle, John Pottle, Jorgen Klausen, Karen Knight, Kathy Hooper, Kevin Goggan, Krista Hasson, Lynn Wigginton, Maggie Higgins, Manami Fukuda, Mary Blatherwick, Mary Kay O’Brien, Matt Watkins, Octavio Ribeiro, Pat Schell, Patricia Tingley, Paul Mathieson, Peggy Woolsey, Peter Kinsella, Peter Salmon, Philip Savage, Rachel Morouney, Robert Van de Peer, Sarah Sackville, Sheryl Crowley, Sue Hooper, Shirley Fullerton, Stephanie Boyd, Suzanne Hill, Theresa MacKnight, Toby Graser.