Nude in Nature, Bay of Fundy


Jorgen Klausen immigrated to Canada from Denmark in 1957. In the early sixties a serious interest in photography led him  to apprentice with widely acclaimed master photographer,  Lou Wilson. He has been exhibiting his photographs for many years and has been the recipient of several Canadian photography awards.

Artist’s Statement

I am totally fascinated by form – whether human or in nature.  As Edward Weston wrote, “how little subject matter counts.  It’s not important if the subject is a rock, a tree, a reflection or a human form… what is important is the variance of light, texture, shape and design.”

The photos were all shot along the Bay of Fundy, from Cape Enrage to Deer Island. The rock formations make an interesting contrast to the softness of the human form. They compliment each other in a very interesting way.

I very much enjoyed taking these photographs and was intrigued with the variations in the shapes and sizes of the female models.  I hope as you view these photographs you will feel some of the wonder that I felt as I was taking them.