Nigadoo, New Brunswick Summer Song

Artist Statement

New Brunswick has always been a place close to my heart. When the possibility of becoming an active member of the New Brunswick art scene was obvious, it seemed too good to be true, a homecoming, at last a belonging. What always hits me when I come back here is the energy, the alive smell of the air and e arth. I love it. I feel that it’s my root. For me, art is a form of self-expression, of celebrating nature and awareness and life. New Brunswick, with its exotic colours and rainforest-like features, has always been a perfect subject for me to paint.

However, I find it difficult to begin painting at any time. I’m too much in admiration of the beauty of the paper itself. I spend a lot of time just looking. Investigating the surroundings. Then I’ll put down my mark. I work directly, mostly, using watercolours, mixed with ink, applied with a long brush. I let the feeling carry the work, then. If you watched what I do, you would see a lot of splashes of paint happening. I try to let it go free, rather than control it.


Anne Dunn celebrates New Brunswick! Anne has been a respected artist for over half a century with successful exhibitions in London, Paris and New York and her art has been celebrated in reviews in the most important publications. Her work is included in prestigious public, corporate and private collections in Europe and North America. She has studied with, been inspired by, been admired by, been friends with and collaborated with some of the most interesting people of the twentieth century.

Thirty-three years ago Anne had her first exhibition at Gallery 78. Happily for us Anne returns annually to northern New Brunswick, the land she has visited since childhood. It is home that matters the most to Anne. And this means New Brunswick. “It ties up with the fact of wanting to be part of something one has come out of” explains Anne, “this is the definition of home in the true sense.”

Special thanks to Gallery 78 of Fredericton for their sponsorship of these exhibits.