SJ Gallery Association

As of  May 1, 2018 the Saint John Gallery Association members are:

Buckland Merrifield Gallery
Cobalt Gallery
Handworks Gallery
Jones Gallery
Trinity Galleries
New Brunswick Museum
Saint John Arts Centre
Saint John Art Club
Saint John Free Public Library (Millennium Artplace)
Third Space Gallery

Due to the extreme popularity of the Gallery Hop events, it has become apparent to the present members that there needs to be a set of guidelines to help the process for dealing with requests by potential new members.

These guidelines are designed to maintain the integrity and intent of the Gallery Hops, which is to promote fine art in uptown Saint John.  It was never the intent of the association to expand this mandate by promoting any other products or business category.

Here are the guidelines as set out by the association on the criteria required for new membership.

(There is a grandfather clause in place for existing members.)

  • Must be located in uptown Saint John.
  • Have a permanent exhibition / gallery space.
  • Primary business is the sale and promotion of fine art.
  • Must have regular business hours.
  • Feature scheduled exhibitions.
  • Must participate in the collective advertising for Gallery Hops. This would include any expenses beyond the funding presently provided by Uptown Saint John Inc.
  • Galleries must feature original works of art by artists.
  • Artist studios do not qualify as galleries and therefore do not qualify for membership.
  • A majority approval by the Gallery Association is required for acceptance of a new member.
  • There is an annual membership fee of $1 that is to be paid at the beginning of our January meeting. This money will go towards paying for coffee and donuts.

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