Discover: Creations from Sculpture Saint John Soapstone Carving Workshops

In the summer of 2016, Saint John Arts Centre had the wonderful opportunity to partner once again with Sculpture Saint John to offer workshops to the public during the International Sculpture Symposium.

With the assistance of generous funding by the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation and Canaport LNG, SJAC presented various hands-on workshops, including the extremely popular ‘Intro to Soapstone Carving’ classes with Ingrid Van Den Hurk and Gerrie Creemers of Soapstone Nova Scotia. Some of the incredible results of these classes are showcased in this exhibit, created by members of the community, many of whom were sculpting for the first time and ‘discovering’ the works within the stone.

Featured artists are: Gordon Anderson, Conrad Brock, Sally Brock, Katie Buckley, Miville Couture, Denise D’Aoust, Ann Daigle, Sue Davis, Linda Foster, Signe Gurholt, Signe Gurholt, Corinne Humphrey, Tim Humphrey, Kaelan MacDonald, Stephanie Miedema, Judy Mitchell, Terry Moore, Gudi Pach, Joe Pach, Anita Punamiya, Octavio Ribeiro, Alan Tibbetts, Murillo Violette.