Artist Statement

Flock explores two concepts of sculpture that I find fascinating. The first is that of many, separate forms positioned together to become a mutable sculptural composition. Single bird carvings in various positions; feeding, resting, preening, but unified as single form by their unmistakable bird characteristics. The use of hidden magnets allows the sculpture to be re-arranged into infinite compositions. This is to encourage interaction and ‘play’ from the observer.

The second concept is the contrast of manufactured form and material with organic form and material. The wooden birds bring softness and warmth to the cold, hard scraps of steel. In turn, the found steel objects provide structure to the flock compositions.


Phil Savage is a sculptor of wood and a maker of fine wood furniture. His sculptural style is decidedly smooth and organic. It is often an exploration of nature in action, with forms like decaying seed pods or abstract groupings of animals. His furniture is influenced by the Danish Modern style and draws heavily from his practice as a sculptor. Flowing, organic shapes make each furniture piece a unique art object. Savage works from a studio situated on the family farm in Kingston, NB and divides his time between production items, gallery pieces and custom orders.