‘Celebration of Thread’

Artist Statement

The magical process of transformation from the recycled material to the creation of a new textile is the essence of my work. My inspiration comes from the shape, color, and the abstract patterns in nature.

This current body of work of small felted books consists of traditional and the innovative methods of textile making, including hand stitched threads, combinations in textile collage, paper handmade and needle felt, recycled and vintage textile, and embellishment.


Melanie Siegel is a textile artist, educator and exhibition coordinator. Her work in textile creation is innovative yet simplistic. Presently on several volunteer committees, Melanie has been the exhibition coordinator for the Pomegranate Guild of Judaic textiles, creating and implementing traveling exhibitions for several years. Melanie is an invited volunteer member of the Museum Committee at Baycrest, specializing in the installations. As artist in residence, Ontario Arts Council education grant recipient for the York Region District School board, she had more than 700 students as participants in felting workshops, creating permanent legacy projects.

Most recently Melanie has been invited to participate on the Public Art Advisory board of Richmond Hill. Melanie has taken the primary role of creating a Canadian exhibition, Edge of the Forest (edgeoftheforest.ca) for the Surface Design Association. A graduate from the Ontario College of Art, Melanie has acquired many awards, published and exhibited her work in Canada, USA and abroad.