Students of Herzl Kashetsky

This is a very diverse & dedicated group of adult painters,  who meet once a week to share their passion for painting, under the tutelage of artist Herzl Kashetsky. In lieu of instruction, they receive advice, guidance, and coaching.

The Tuesday evening class is the original “Colours & Canvas” group. The Wednesday evening class began as substitutes waiting to get into the Tuesday class, and eventually became  a group of their own.

The participants enjoy a wide range of experience and styles, and Herzl endeavors to bring out each individual’s expression and creativity, by tutoring them along in whatever personal visual project they may be pursuing.

Sometimes a painter who has been working in one medium would like to try another medium, and finds that the camaraderie and coaching makes the transition easier.  The class provides a pleasant milieu to share ideas and new materials and at the same time, receive feedback and help, if needed.

Many of the painters work in acrylic, some with oils and others in watercolour.

Their subjects cover a variety of themes including: portraits and people in recreational activity, landscapes, flowers in the wild or in still-life, animals, familiar urban or rural scenes, even foods like an occasional hamburger.

The emphasis is not on specific techniques, but rather on the development and fine-tuning of one’s powers of observation. We try to see the visual world around us in terms of composition, light & shadow, and colour.

There are two crucial components to painting. First you must ‘see’ what you are ‘looking at’. And secondly, you must be able to translate or interpret your observations into the visual elements of line, colour, and tone.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition.

Featured artists are: Ann Barrett, Marianne Beckwith, Travis Carr, Harold Cassidy, Doris Chesley, Mary Craft, Sheryl Crowley, Sharon D’Arcy, Bill Duncan, Susan Flood, Denise Green-Lui, Jeanette Hebert, Betty Henry, Mary LeBlanc, Margot Maber, Andy McIntosh, Jeannine McCullum, Peggy McDonald, Georgina McFate, Dr. David Meek, Nadine Moreau, Lana Mott, Carla Perkins, Shelly Poirier, Mozhgan Riahi, Cheryl Robichaud, Melinda Sheehan, Debbie Trecartin, Lynn Van Tasel, Lindsay Vautour, Roy Walker, Sarah Wilson.