Artist Statement

The images in this exhibition look at the Sculptors and Interns at the Sculpture Saint John worksite during August and September 2014. I’ve tried to capture many different elements of the participants as they worked on the granite to create 8 sculptures in the six week time frame. Many themes came up as I walked around the worksite on a daily basis: colours, contrast, tools, moods and tasks that were needed to complete the sculpture.


The one thing I like to do is fill the frame with details – dust upon the skin, dust flying, tools, grinding, chipping, sawing and polishing the granite, so you get the feeling that you are standing right beside them when you are viewing the images. The exhibition would not be complete without having looked at the human side of the work, a smile, sharing a laugh or a break from the work that resulted in a candid portrait, Karin’s photo #18.



I am a lifelong resident of Saint John, having grown up on the lower West Side. I bought my first camera, a Nikon EM, when I went to a Scouts Canada Jamboree in Alberta, and was hooked. Shortly after this, I started taking photography courses at NBCC. My instructors have included Rod Stears, Lance Timmons and Noel Chenier.


My subjects are varied – landscape, still life and events. I have taken photos in all 10 provinces, the Northwest Territories, Cuba, Spain and Portugal, but my favorite spot is my hometown.


My photographs have been displayed in the Saint John Regional Library, Main Branch at Market Square and the West Branch, and at ANBL Lansdowne Place.