Show Statement

Third Space Gallery is pleased to present Pin Up, a collection of one inch button designs submitted by gallery members. Not just your typical member’s show, after taking a closer look at the variety of approaches taken by members in their submissions, we invite you to take one with you when you leave. 25 cents in the gumball machine will get you a random pin for your collar, jacket, backpack or purse, and help us take art out of the gallery space and with you wherever you go.

We would like to acknowledge the continued support of our members; you encourage us to continue in our effort to share contemporary art with the city of Saint John. We also acknowledge the continued support of the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture.

Galerie tiers-espace / Third Space Gallery is the only artist-run centre in Saint John. Unlike a traditional gallery, it is not confined to one exhibition space, but chooses to work with the city’s wider community for both the production and presentation of contemporary art. Interdisciplinary in practice, the gallery works with local, regional and national professional artists to raise the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art through exploratory, challenging and critical projects.

Artists: Acre Architects, Monica Adair, Anonymous, Kelley Consolvo & Wayne Rockwell, Gillian Dykeman, Alice Fudge, Allison Higgins, Don Higgins, Erin Higgins, Dave Holborn, Hugo Kingston Kopp, Mike Landry, Chris Lloyd, Judith Mackin, Russell Smith, and Carol Taylor.