Show Statement

Galerie tiers-espace / Third Space Gallery is the only artist-run centre in Saint John. Unlike a traditional gallery, it is not confined to one exhibition space, but chooses to work with the city’s wider community for both the production and presentation of contemporary art. Interdisciplinary in practice, the gallery works with local, regional and national professional artists to raise the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art through exploratory, challenging and critical projects.

The aim of the gallery is to facilitate the education, understanding and appreciation of contemporary art at a local, national and international level. It will do this by hosting exhibitions, workshops, residencies, lectures, performances and screenings, as well as by publishing and disseminating materials relevant towards this aim.

Artists: Jaqueline Collomb, Emily LeMesurier, Shawna Waterall, Don Higgens, Andrew Reed Miller, Kelley Consolvo