Artist Statement

As an artist I am drawn to bold color, texture and contrast. It is the beauty and magical quality of nature that fuels my creative spirit and is reflected in my art.

My process is very nontraditional. I use wax in a similar fashion to batik, but I use rice paper, watercolor and other mediums instead of fabric and dye. I particularly enjoy working with the many alternating layers of color and wax. Normally you would watch your painting come to life as you paint it, but with my work I have to trust my creative instincts until the end. When I remove all of the wax and see the final result, it is then that my vision is revealed.


Krista Hasson lives with her husband, daughter and their cocker spaniel in Rothesay, a beautiful rural area in New Brunswick.

Predominately self-taught, Krista believes you never stop learning thus she absorbs anything and everything she can to help her evolve as an artist. As a child, she spent many memorable weekends in the country with her grandparents. There she developed a strong connection and appreciation for nature. It is that connection with the natural world and memories from a simpler time that fuels her insatiable creativity.

Her paintings have bold, vibrant color and along with their unique texture they can’t help but grab your attention. Her work stands out as creatively different. Her paintings evoke a sense of visual energy with a wonderful balance between realism and abstraction.

She has been published in the International Artists magazine as a top 10 finalist in their floral and garden painting competition. She recently had her artwork selected by Rogers Chocolates to be licensed for their Canadian artist collection of chocolate tins.

She is represented by Trinity Galleries in Saint John New Brunswick and Gainsborough Galleries in Calgary Alberta. Krista’s work has been acquired by private and corporate collectors across North America.

You will find Krista in her studio every day, as she is not just passionate about her art, she is completely dedicated to it.